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「また占いの話してる」と思われそうだが、私は毎週、石井ゆかりさんの週間占いを読んでいる。今週の山羊座について、以下のようなことが書かれていた。 今週の「方向転換」はどの星座の人にも 「2月からの状況からの解放」という要素を含んでいますが 特に…



What is Left - Behind

I wonder what my life would be like, if I lost all my memory now. Some of you may know that I like to talk about identity and stuff. Everything I have had in my life is connected to what I am now, and even a tiny bit of event could have ma…

No Other One

Nobody knows me like her Nobody knows her like me We're all we've got And we don't wanna be alone Maybe that's all. It feels like I'm stuck in mud, beginning to harden. It's always like that. In no time I can't escape, even without knowing…


What I like about my father: He always believes me. It is often the case that people look down on me, ditch me, or call me shit, when I'm not doing well. As I wrote in the previous post, I have my own pace. I need time. I need rest. I have…

Zebra, or Just a Sloth

I’ve decided one thing. I’m not gonna do what I don’t want to. やりたくないことはやらないことにしました。 When I tell this to someone, most people say like ‘That’s not right.’ or ‘You should try harder.’ Actually I used to think that I sho…