Junks and Toothpaste

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What is Left - Behind

I wonder what my life would be like, if I lost all my memory now.


Some of you may know that I like to talk about identity and stuff. Everything I have had in my life is connected to what I am now, and even a tiny bit of event could have made my life totally different - or not. I might be still the same piece of shit, even in another life, another world, or on another planet. 


But who knows. So, I've been into English and rock bands since middle school, and these are the major factors that have contributed(?) to my life, at least so far. And all of a sudden I started to wonder - what would be left in the end, if my memories were to be lost now?


If I lost my memory now, would I still like punk rock as I do now? Would I still stick to English? Would I remember myself being introverted? What would be taken back and what would be forgotten forever?


Anyways I wouldn't know how it would turn out until I actually lose my memory. And anyways, I wouldn't remember myself writing this kind of crap by then.


At least, what I have now is what I am now, so I have to cherish them and make the most of them. I have come to like English and punk rock, and whether it's fate or coincidence, I guess it means they are what I should be doing now - because I still love them a lot.