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Waiting Time

The worst moment, is when you are waiting for the answer.

I know I shouldn't make an emotional decision, because I most likely regret it afterward, so I always try to wait, for my emotions to calm down, for an answer to come down.

But that's the toughest time. It's somehow annoying, irritating, stressful and frustrating. Because you know your situation isn't right, yet you can do nothing but wait. Just continuing it while not being certain if you should.

I always just can't stand this feeling. While waiting for the answer, those dull moments pile up, and become a burden on me, little by little.

So I end up running away by choosing a way to take, half-heartedly, half way through, before I'm sure of it.

I need time to think; but I don't. I wanna wait; but I don't. But this time I will. Take my time and no regret, hopefully.