Junks and Toothpaste

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The Man - Ed Sheeran

"Success is nothing if you have no one left to share it with," Ed said.


That's exactly what I've been wondering these days. Is it really worthwhile to live just for myself? There's something I wanna do, and now I'm working for that, but it feels like I've been losing so many things and becoming alone. 


Got no money, got no friends, got no lover. I guess I'm still happy for being able to do what I like, but how will I feel in 5 years, 10 years, and more ahead? What will be left for myself? These thoughts make me feel uneasy.



"The irony is if my career and music didn't exist
In 6 years, yeah, you'd probably be my wife with a kid"


It seems exactly like my future, except it's not "music" and "wife" in my case.


Though my uni or grades in school may have been good, that doesn't mean I'm a decent person. I'm not cut out to be a member of society. I don't belong to anywhere, I just can't. Who would forgive me, accept me, allow me just to be there? Is it just me not making any efforts to blend in that is to blame?