Junks and Toothpaste

just some random pieces of everyday


So August has begun, yes it's already August, my life still sucks but luckily still I'm alive!

I managed to finish another trial on the last day of July, just 2 mins before the deadline. It was no more than a piece of crap but better than nothing.

I still haven't heard from a company that I applied for, and I guess I failed. I can't really say it's okay but I just gotta move on. What should I do next?

Lately it's becoming harder and harder to write and speak in English. Words just don't come out from my mouth. Now I'm writing, and I feel I can still handle it, but not as good as I used to.

I don't really know where I'm going, or supposed to go. Where am I now, and where am I supposed to be? Hope everything clears out in the end, hopefully soon. 

And my music blog has been gaining more visitors little by little. At first it was less than 10, but for today it's almost 50. 

It's been only 15 days or so, so I guess it's a good progress. All I gotta do is to let more people know about the blog.

I thought I knew a lotta bands, but actually it's not that many. So I need to take in more and more new music, which must be fun for a rock band freak like me.

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